HSMC BVDC Daughter Card


Develop professional video FPGA based systems using the Bitec BVDC card.

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Develop professional video FPGA based systems using the Bitec BVDC card.

  • Dual ASI/SD-SDI transmitter/receiver
  • Adaptive cable equalizers
  • Multi-rate cable drivers
  • 27 MHz VCXO
  • 200MHz Quadrature Modulating 14-bit DAC
  • Flexible clocking options for DAC
  • Optional Secure Key


The BVDC is designed for professional video equipment developers. The dual ASI/SD-SDI interfaces allows FPGA designs access to industry standard video transport signals. Based on the latest adaptive cable equalizers and drivers, the ASI/SDI interfaces produces excellent noise immunity up to cable lengths of 350m. A VCXO allows precise synchronisation to incoming ASI signals. Card is shipped with source code examples.

A Quadrature Digital Up-converter is also included on the BVDC board. Based on the Analog AD9857 14-bit DAC, the DUC circuit allows flexible modulation schemes such as those used for DVB-T and DVB-C etc (visit www.commsonic.com for more information and details of FPGA modulation cores). A DVB-T reference design using the Bitec BVDC daughter card and a Cyclone III Evaluation Kit is available for download on the Commsonic website. The DAC output incorporates an anti-alias filter and can drive in single-ended or differential mode.

The HSMC BVDC daughter card also supports a serial eeprom for FPGA design security. Developers can distribute demonstrations of their IP locked to the HSMC BVDC card. More information at Altera.com