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Archangel Imaging Products

Archangel Imaging was founded in 2016 in Harwell Space Campus, Oxfordshire, to create innovative intelligent payloads for long endurance unmanned systems. We’d grown from a background in World record drone flights and figured that, if we couldn’t get all the data back, we’d better start pushing the intelligence forwards. We’ve been working on ‘Edge AI’. That is to say AI deployed to the edge of the network, ever since. It was not long before we took on other Edge AI projects, recognising the persistent challenges for remote asset monitoring and protection. Having established ourselves at Harwell Campus, we began working on practical deployment and management of AI to off-grid locations for our customers, alongside best-in-class technology partners.


The Argonaut, from Archangel Imaging, is an edge-AI camera unit built for versatility. Argonaut is designed to work straight out of the box, with integrated compute, power and communications.

  Argonaut Data Sheet



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