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CRUVI AP Memory x8/x16 Xccela PSRAM Board




The Trenz Electronic CR00045-01-0 is a 256Mb OPI/HPI (APS256XXN-OBR-BG) memory board for CRUVI modules, compatible with CRUVI HS slots supporting 1.8V VCCIO.


  • On Board
    • AP memory IoT RAM (OPI & HPI): 256Mb x8/x16 1.8V 200MHz DDR PSRAM (APS256XXN-OBR-BG)
    • Serielles EEPROM mit EUI-48 Node Identity
  • Interface
    • 1.8V 200MHz DDR x8/x16 Xccela PSRAM
    • I2C
  • Power
    • via CRUVI
  • Dimension
    • 18 mm x 19 mm