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Robust Ethernet FMC 2.5V


4-port Gigabit Ethernet FPGA Mezzanine Card with LPC connector and RGMII interface.

Part #: OP041-2V5

HS Code: 8517.62.90

ECCN: 5A991.b

Vadj: 2.5V

Available on back-order



The Robust Ethernet FMC is an FPGA Mezzanine Card that adds 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports to your FPGA board. It comes with fully working example designs for multiple FPGA boards and the latest version of Vivado. For more detailed information on the Ethernet FMC, including specifications, technical documents and example designs, please visit the product website.


  • 4 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Ports
  • LPC FMC: Pin compatible with ZedBoard and other compliant FMC carriers
  • 125MHz Oscillator for the MAC
  • Reference designs for the ZedBoard and other FPGA development boards
  • Straightforward tech support



Is the Robust Ethernet FMC 1.8V compatible with my FPGA board?

Please visit the product website for a list of compatible FPGA boards. In general, the 1.8V version is required by all Xilinx Ultrascale and Ultrascale+ devices, including the Zynq Ultrascale+. If you’re using any Xilinx Series-7 devices such as the Kintex-7 or the Zynq-7000, please refer to the list of compatible boards.


Which version Ethernet FMC should I use?

The version most appropriate to you will depend on your FPGA board. Please refer to the list of compatible FPGA boards to find the recommended Ethernet FMC for your carrier.


Do I need any purchased IP to use the Ethernet FMC?

The typical application of the Ethernet FMC requires an IP for the MAC, such as the Xilinx Tri-mode Ethernet MAC (which is not free) or the OpenCores TEMAC (which is free). Some FPGAs have hard integrated TEMACs which generally don’t require a license to use. So the answer to this question depends on your FPGA and your choice of MAC.

The example designs provided on this website use the Xilinx AXI Ethernet Subsystem IP, which can be evaluated for free by obtaining an evaluation license from Xilinx. See Getting a license for the Xilinx Tri-mode Ethernet MAC for more information.


What is the maximum effective throughput of the Ethernet FMC?

See performance benchmarks for a complete answer.


Can I use the Ethernet FMC without a processor in my FPGA design?

Yes, you can. See Using the Ethernet FMC without a processor for more information.


Where can I get the datasheet for the Marvell 88E1510 Gigabit Ethernet PHY?

Use this link to download the Marvell 88E151x datasheet.