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Probably the smallest Single Board Computer based on an AMD Zynq MPSoC

Ultra-compact, low-power, Vision, Control and Sensors Solution for Precision Robotics



The VCS³ is a small Single-Board-Computer with an AMD© ZYNQ™ device with integrated ARM CPUs and FPGA fabric. Measuring just 30mm x 50mm, this tiny workhorse can be placed almost anywhere, opening up the benefits of FPGAs to many more applications.

The VCS³ utilizes an AMD UltraScale+ MPSoC coupled with high-speed LP-DDR4 memory to produce a highly compact evaluation platform. Together with four digital camera interfaces, a 9-axis IMU, and a CAN-Bus interface, this platform is ideally suited for autonomous machines, cameras or automation.

Device booting can be from SPI ROMs or eMMC flash, with no bulky, fiddly or unreliable SD cards.

Numerous onboard power rails are generated from a single external 5V supply, or via a USB3 Type-C interface.

Several LEDs indicate board functionality, and numerous test points allow access to the various interfaces.


Dimensions 50mm x 30mm
Weight (no heatsink) 10g
Weight (with heatsink) 30g
Supply Voltage +5V ±5%
Supply Current 3A max.
MTBF On request


  • AMD ZYNQ UltraScale+
  • 4 x MIPI Camera interfaces
  • 9-axis IMU
  • UART and CANbus
  • Fast GPIO
  • USB-C for data connection or power supply

Block Diagram


Cooling solutions

The VCS³ will require either active (fan) or passive (heatsink), depending on the operational environment. By default, the VCS3 is fitted with a heatsink to enable desk operation at room temperature.


The mechanical details for the heatsink is on Sundance’s GitHub: SundanceMultiprocessorTechnology/VCS-3 (