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FMC-LPC I/O Module with ADCs, DACs, quad USB 3.0 type C ports and a 40-pin GPIO header.

FM191 Design Specification




The FM191-RUA1 has a VITA57.1 FMC-LPC connector and follows the electronics specification and recommendations of the standard but is NOT form-factor compatible and will NOT fit all FMC carriers.

Two versions are available. The FM191-R main features are a daughter card which provides 5V-TTL-compatible Analogue and Digital GPIOs that are suitable for robotics, motors and sensor application. The FM191-U is an expansion board which can be added to the FM191R for delivering 4-port USB C connectivity and more I/O pins on a 40-way header that follows Raspberry-PI pin-out so you can use any shield from the Raspberry Pi. The additional board FM191-A1 provides easy connections to interface the 40 pin GPIO header.

The FM191-RUA1 is 100% compatible with the EMC2-xxxx PCIe/104 OneBank board that has different FPGAs SoM (System-on-Modules) from Xilinx or Microsemi. FM191RUA1 does not have any PC/104 compatible bus interfaces, like PCIe or PCI. The FM191-RUA1 can safely be used with ANY carrier board that has an FMC connector, either directly onto the connector or via Samtec SeaRay cable, as long as it supports 1.8V Standards. No power is derived from the carrier and power has to be connected to the FM191-RUA1 with a suitable power-cable (supplied).

Block Diagram



  • FMC LPC connector with I/O and single high-speed serial.
  • Single +5 and +3.3V (external ATX connector) for powering external sensors via the DB9 connectors.
  • 100-way SEIC peripheral interface connector.
  • 15x single-ended digital I/Os 5V TTL are accessible via 3x DB9 (P3-P5).
  • 12x analogue Inputs 5V TTL, with a resolution of 24-bits@2kSPS via 2x DB9 (P1-P2).
  • 8x analogue Outputs 5V TTL, with a resolution of 12-bits via 2x DB9 (P2 and P5).
  • 4x USB C connections and 28x single-ended digital I/Os 5V TTL 40-pin GPIO connectors available via the expansion FM191-U board.

Configuration Options

  • FM191-R – Carrier Board
  • FM191-U – SEIC Expansion boar
  • FM191-RU – Carrier + SEIC
  • FM191-A1 – two layer board expansion for the GPIO header
  • FM191-RUA1 – All of the boards – Carrier, SEIC and GPIO expansion board


Revision A

Revision B

Software/Firmware support



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