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NES-IPCORE-M1553 Data Sheet




Combining the benefits of programmable devices ( and Nolam Embedded systems IP Cores provides a small size, robust, reliable, flexible, future proof and cost-effective solution for Mil Std 1553 interface.

Nolam Embedded systems IP cores are designed for any requirement and application Customers can choose between various configurations and interfaces.

The NES IPCORE M 1553 is designed for simple applications, where no CPU is controlling the system, to the most complex implementations, where a Local Bus is used by the CPU or Axi bus.

The NES IPCORE M 1553 is available and works with any FPGA, clock frequency and 1553 transceiver, providing the most robust, yet flexible, solution.



  • MIL STD 1553
  • MIL STD 1553 B Notice 2 and 1760
  • RT Validated according to the test plan from MIL HDBK 1553 A
  • 1 Mbps Date Rate
  • Connects to any transceiver,Transformer pair


  • 4,8,16,32,64K by 16 bits Dual port
  • RAM (Limited by FPGA resources only)


  • Any Even frequency from 12Mhz and higher 100Mhz
  • Including 33Mhz for PCI and 125Mhz for PCI Express implementations

Supported FPGA:

  • Any FPGA with sufficient number of LUTs and dual port memory
  • FPGA families from the following vendors Xilinx (AMD),Altera (Intel),Lattice Achronix Efinix ,Microchip Quicklogic


  • Net list for the desired core (BC/RT/ for FPGA family and memory
  • User’s Manual
  • Sample VHDL code that incorporates Synthesis script for sample code


The NES IPCORE M1553 is suitable for simple 1553 applications, protocol translators and hardware based implementations. NES IPCORE M1553 is suitable for more complex 1553 implementations, where the application is controlled by software



  • MIL STD1553 intellectual property for FPGA and ASIC
  • Suitable for any MIL STD1553 BC,RT,MT implementation
  • Local bus or AXI interface
  • Small FPGA area utilization
  • Modular Architecture allowing flexible implementations
  • Provided with verification environment
  • Based on vendor and technology independent VHDL code
  • Configuration available Simple Front end ,Local Bus and AXI interface


Nolam Embedded Systems IP Cores require very small space from FPGA for complex applications. The following table summarizes the various available configurations:


Backend Interface:

  • Local bus or PCI,compatible with exisiting drivers and applications
  • No need to rewrite drivers code
  • Eliminiates replacement risk


Manchester Recorder:

The unique Manchester decoder can work with any clock reduce clock resources and clock domain on board (reduces EMI/RFI). Advanced algorithms for filtering out noise and disturbances enable the core to operate in harsh environments.


Advanced Verification:

To ensure a fully reliable and robust product the core was developed using advanced verification environment that includes a Random generation engine ,code coverage and assertion tools. All 1553 protocol ,functions and performance requirements were verified.


Simple Integration:

In order to simplify the integration of the core, a sample VHDL design that uses the core is provided, including:

  • A comprehensive users manual
  • A VHDL gate-level model of the core for the target technology
  • A Transceiver VHDL model that connects the core to 2 buses
  • A bus tester VHDL model that generates 1553 messages and checks the return replies
  • A top test bench that instantiates all of these components to a working example

Ordering Information


NES IPCORE M1553 BC IP MIL STD1553 BC mode only

NES IPCORE M1553 RT IP MIL STD1553 RT mode only