LogicTronix ADAS Solution



LogicTronix is offering ADAS solutions for Automotive Manufacturers, OEM/ODM vendors. Our ADAS Solution is based on Xilinx MPSoC FPGA Platform, Xilinx MPSoC is power efficient and high performing multi-processing system on chip device or heterogenous platform. This MPSoC platform is best suited for sensor fusion and machine learning acceleration. Single device or platform is capable to process LIDAR, Cameras, RADAR and UltraSound sensors and perform Machine Learning Workload over the fused sensor information.

LogicTronix ADAS 1.0

In MPSoC we are offering ADAS Sensor Fusion (Computer Vision+ LIDAR + UltraSound) and Machine Learning acceleration over those sensors input.

Figure 2: LogicTronix ADAS 1.0 Solution with 4 Camera + ML Implementation [ADAS- Driver Assistance]

The most suitable interface for ADAS solution are GMSL and FPD Link, our ADAS solution takes the GMSL 2 Camera link interface with more than 4 Camera and those camera are pre-processed, here is pre-processing algorithms we performed:

Figure 3: GMSL/FPD Camera link Vision pre-processing pipeline (performed inside MPSoC FPGA)

And pre-processed stream is passed to Machine Learning Pipeline inside MPSoC FPGA.










Figure 4: LogicTronix ADAS prototyping and demo platform with 4 GMSL Camera-FMC-FPGA


  • Offering Sensor Fusion Capability : using LIDAR, GMSL/FPD Link Camera and Ultrasound Sensors
  • Machine Learning Capability : performing the Machine learning algorithms for feature extraction and processing streams. We implement LIDAR based Point Cloud 3D Detection (Point Pillar) ML model, Object (Vehicle, Pedestrian, animal) detection, recognition ML model, Lane detection/tracking algorithm.
  • Offering parking aid feature with 8 number of Automotive grade Ultrasound sensors
  • Collision Avoidance system and early warning using RADAR (upcoming feature).
  • Offering feature towards ADAS Level 2 functionality

ADAS 2.0


LogicTronix ADAS 2.0 coming with LIDAR + 8 GMSL Camera Sensor + 8 UltraSound and Machine Learning Capability on top of LIDAR Point Cloud and Camera Streams

Webinar Video

Watch LogicTronix ADAS Webinar [May 9th 2022]