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4-Channel DAC FMC Module – Low-Pin-Count

SMT-FMC211 Design Specification


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The main component of the SMT-FMC211 is the Texas Instruments 4 channel DAC – TI’s Quad 1.25GHz DAC3484.  This device offers excellent SFDR performance better than 70dBc, with an output sample rate of over 312MSPS. It interfaces to an Artix-7 XC7A15T-2C FPGA using a 16 bit differential DDR bus.

The FPGA connects to two 16-bit wide DDR3 memory devices which act as a waveform store.

Finally the FPGA also interfaces to a LPC (low pin count) FMC socket using the full 68 I/O pins available.  Configuration of the FPGA’s internal registers is via a 2-pin I2C style bus.

The DAC outputs are buffered using 50 Ohm capable drivers with high SFDR. The DAC’s clock is supplied externally as are two triggers for the FPGA.

The power supplies from the FMC connector are further regulated and filtered. Optionally, the board may be supplied from an external power input header.

Block Diagram