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Solar Express 50 – 3G/SDI

Mini PCIe IO and processing module based on Microsemi PolarFire MPF300T-1FCVG484 FPGA


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The SE50-3G-SDI is a small footprint mini-PCIe board with support for 3G/SDI videos. It uses PolarFire MPF300T-1FCVG484E FPGA for processing and to interface to the host. A TI LMH0397 chip is used for 3G/SDI functionality. It has 2 U.FL connectors which can be used as 2 Outputs or as one Input and one Output.

There is a complete BSP for supporting RedHat 7.9 or Ubuntu 20.04 for the host operating system. For detailed information, please contact the Sundance support team. Below is a short list of features and functions available as part of BSP:

  • Support for 3G and SDI, RAW and Formatted modes
  • Support for two modes of operation:
    • Idle/Capture.
    • Playback
  • Ability to read from the host and send to output
  • Ability to capture and write to the host and save to file
  • Capture and send to output
  • Supports Y C′bC′r 4:2:2 formats:
    • 10bit: 1080p30, 720p60, 1080p60, 1080p25, 720p50, 1080p50;
    • 12bit: 1080p30, 1080p25;
    • Support of 30/1.001 & 60/1.001 variants;
  • RGB 4:4:4 format: 10bit: 1080p24;



  • MPF300T-1FCVG484E PolarFire FPGA from Microchip
  • LMH0397 3G-SDI 75-Ω bidirectional I/O with integrated re-clocker
  • One 1024×16 DDR4 chip for RAM (2GB of DDR4) in 16-bit data-bus
  • PCIe x1 Gen2 as EP
  • 128Mbyte SPI chip for ROM
  • A programmable clock generator based on SI5338A can generate any frequency
  • Reference generator 27MHz±25ppm;
  • One U.FL connector is used as a video input/output, second U.FL connector is used as a video output, or loopback output
  • USB-JTAG/UART connector on the front panel
  • Two user LEDs, Green and Red
  • Temperature range, -40°C to +85°C;
  • The maximum power consumption of the board is 10W


  • Industrial Automation
  • Control
  • Defense
  • imaging

IP Cores / Drivers / BSP

SE50-3G/SDI   includes the hardware, 2 cables, and the BSP firmware in binary form

SE50-3G/SDI-source    includes the BSP  with the firmware in source form

Ordering Information

SE50-MPF100-1-E Mini-PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF100T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4, and SPI FLASH.

SE50-MPF200-1-E Mini-PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF200T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4, and SPI FLASH.

SE50-MPF300-1-E Mini-PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF300T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4, and SPI FLASH.


The products listed above are chips with an extended temperature range; for the Industrial temperature range please order: