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ADL-1000 – the All-in-One Data Logging Platform


The ADL-1000 Data Logger is THE all-in-one star in the domain of holistic data solutions for the edge. Flexible and powerful FPGA-based technology combined with high-performance Ethernet and PCIe brings the data centre to your edge solution.


  • FPGA-centric with GPU extension capabilities
  • Low power consumption
  • Bandwidth: Up to 128 Gbit/s
  • Up to 128 TB NVMe storage







The ADL-1000 data logger is a holistic data logging solution that deals with a multitude of sensors, acceleration, modularity, processing, and data your fleet requires. None of the data loggers on the market today can provide the future-proof, robust, reliable, flexible, and scalable solution we bring to the market.
The ability to record and store data massively parallel and a best-in-class bandwidth are just two of many great specials. Furthermore, our ADL-1000 can replay data in the field or in validation farms. The flexibility of processing capabilities and the extendability round off the profile for a turnkey solution for your data-centric tasks.

Ease of use through well-designed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and extensive cooperation with market leaders in sensors and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) data acquisition make our solution ready for all current and future needs.

Understanding the market needs in terms of transportation electrification, we have developed a low-power and low-latency solution using AMD‘s heterogeneous FPGA-based technology, supporting your next-generation projects.


  • Data recording and replay in one box
  • Standalone edge-based solution
  • Ultra massive bandwidth
  • Minimal total costs from sensor to data
  • Flexibility, modularity, and extensibility
  • Robustness and high reliability




Input voltage:  Normative 12 VDC / 24 VDC / 48 VDC

Protections:  Reverse polarity, over current, under/over voltage, over temperature

Cooling method:  Air-cooled / Software controlled

Dimensions:  19“ 3U, 480 x 450 x 132 mm

Ethernet interfaces:  2x QSFP28 (8x 10 Gbit/s or 2x 40 Gbit/s or 2x 100 Gbit/s Ethernet), 6x SFP+ (6x 10 Gbit/s Ethernet), 1x RJ45 (1 Gbit/s Ethernet), 1x RJ45 (remote access port)

Interfaces:  2x USB 3.0, 2x CAN (with optional wake-up capability), 4x GPI, 4x GPO (0-60V open drain)

Power consumption:  Typical range 70-300 W (depending on storage configuration)

Storage:  8x U.2 NVMe (up to 128 TB)

Temperature:  -20 to 60 °C / -4 to 140 °F




  ADL-1000 Datasheet