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PC/104 Form-Factor Carrier for a KRIA-K26 SoM


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The EMC³ is a carrier card designed to be populated with AMD’s K26 SoM and is PCIe/104 “OneBank” compatible. The EMC³ is both a development platform and deployment solution for embedded AI and Vision applications targeted towards embedded HW & SW developers.
EMC³ can be used as a complete stand-alone solution or be part of a stack of PC/104 boards.

The EMC³ carrier, when populated with the KRIA-K26 SOM, provides a completed embedded system targeted towards robotics and vison processing. The EMC³ carrier card allows up to eight cameras connected via MIPI interfaces in addition to two USB3.0 Type-C camera inputs. These consist of x4 IAS camera interfaces which incorporate an OnSemi image processor per two inputs and x4 Raspberry Pi (22 pin) camera inputs.

The Zynq Ultracscale+ MPSoC provides AI Inference at lower power with low latency; vision processing applications can be implemented within the FPGA fabric or within the processor.

The EMC³ is equipped with high-speed connectivity, allowing fast transfer of raw data or the results of AI inference and vision processing. The Samtec High-Density connector incorporates a 60pin Samtec connector capable of PCIe Gen3 data transfers. The EMC3 carrier complies with PCIe/104 standards allowing interfacing to peripheral boards through the OneBank connector, either Top mounting or bottom mounting, utilising the x1 PCIe Gen3 lanes. Two wired ethernet connections at 1 Gb also facilitate data transfer, with one connection to the PS and the other to the PL. The ethernet connection to the PL enables industrial ethernet control, such as Real-Time networking interfaces and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Large data storage is available by using an external SSD via an onboard SATA connector.

Wireless connectivity is supplied via an 802.11 b/g/n WiFi module.

The mini PCIe connector allows the connection of additional peripheral cards.

The EMC³ is defined as a PCIe/104 processor which can sit at either the Top or Bottom of the stack. When the EMC³ is configured as a HOST power is applied via the DC input with a range between 8.5V and 36V. Connections to peripheral boards are achieved through the OneBank connection either stacking up or down.

The EMC³ can also function as a peripheral board which requires external powering.

All details will be provided on this GitHub:



Interface Description
External Data storage* On board direct connection to external SATA drive. SATA (3.1) Drive connection 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0Gb/s rates supported
Video Output External display connection via DisplayPort 1.2a (1 lane) resolution up to 1920 x1080 @ 60FPS
Audio Codec Analo Device 24bit audio codec, connectivity for stereo line in and line out.
USB 3.0 x2 USB3.0/USB2.0 Type-C ports providing USB camera-capable inputs
Wired network connectivity 1Gb Ethernet over Harting (and others) ix Industrial® ethernet connector connected to the PS

1Gb Ethernet over Harting (and others) ix Industrial® ethernet connector connected to the PL

Wireless network connectivity Microchip WiFi module, 802.11 b/g/n
JTAG Direct connection to KRIA K26 SOM JTAG.
Micro SD Card Direct connection to Zynq to provide secondary boot medium.
Industrial Interface CANBUS compatible with ISO 11898-1 CAN 2.0A and CAN2.0B,
Raspberry Pi Camera Interfaces x4 Raspberry Pi (22 pin at 4 lane MIPI) connector
IAS Camera Interfaces with OnSemi ISP x4 MIPI camera inputs.  MIPI0 and MIPI1 via OnSemi ISP capable of 3 lanes MIPI data.  MIPI2 and MIPI3 direct connection to KRIA with 4 lane of MIPI data.
PCIe/104 “OneBank” connectivity EMC3 is a CPU board with connectivity to one or more peripheral boards. Connectivity is through the “OneBank” connector
High density connector SAMTEC SS4 – 60 pin high density connector with GPIO and x1 PCIe Gen3 interface.
Compatible with SE50 (PolarFire FPGA) MiniPCIe Module
Mini PCIe x1 PCI Express (with SMBus), x1 USB 2.0
Fan Control User configurable ON/OFF or PWM fan control.
Form Factor 90mm x 96mm “SpaceCube” & PCIe/104 “OneBank” compatible
Power consumption <20W, depending on KRIA performance
Operating voltage Variable, from 12V
Total mass <350g, excluding the KRIA Module and heat-sinks/fans

Block Diagram


Labelled Top Image


Callout Features / Components Notes
2 USB-C connector
3 Mini DisplayPort Connected to the PS
4 2.5mm Power jack
5 1G Ethernet connector Connected to the PL
6 1G Ethernet connector Connected to the PS
7 PCIe OneBank Top connector (22mm height)
8 Watchdog selector
9 Xilinx JTAG programmer
10 SATA connector Connected to the PS
11 Samtec 60-pin connector
12 6 position Switch EMC3 board options
13 Remote power ON/OFF switch
14 IAS MIPI connectors

Labelled Bottom Image


Callout Features / Components Notes
1 Full size Mini-PCIe card connector
2 Mini SD Card
3 OneBank bottom connector
4 Raspberry Pi 22-pin connector
5 UART connection Connected to the PS
6 WiFi module