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HSMC HDMI 2.0 Daughter Card


HSMC HDMI daughter card allows video interfacing up to 6Gbps

SKU: hsmc-hdmi-card-rev8

Category: FPGA Daughter Cards


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  • Based on Pericom re-driver device
  • Support up to 6G data rates
  • Provides DDC I2C buffering
  • Provides CEC Digital Buffering


The Bitec HSMC HDMI Daughter card provides video interfacing up to 6Gbps. The board utilizes the Pericom HDMI 2.0 re-driver to ensure reliable signal integrity and FPGA protection.

The board is designed to be used with the Bitec HDMI IP core . An on-board serial EEPROM is provided for HDCP key storage using the Bitec HDCP Key Management feature.

Note: The Altera HDMI reference design requires modification before it will function correctly with the updated daughter card.