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PGC-1000 – the Retrofit Data Logging Solution


Retrofit solution for data recording, processing, and replay, with massive bandwidth, low power consumption and flexibility.


  • Processing performance requirement: close to 0 % CPU load
  • Input bandwidth: 40 Gbit/s Ethernet
  • Power consumption: Average 18 W
  • Flexibility: AMD MPSoC FPGA-based architecture







Our PGC-1000 Grabber Card is THE retrofit solution for existing data logging systems. Both data acquisition and replay belong to their special capabilities/abilities/features. The flexibility that the PGC-1000 brings makes it easy to integrate customer-specific protocols into the PGC-1000 to offload intensive CPU tasks.

Our PGC-1000 Grabber Card is one of our key products and builds the basis for future growth, acting as anchor for various customer products and proof-of-concepts.

We deliver outstanding acquisition performance, together with low power and the flexibility to integrate various custom specific protocols and accelerations within the data-processing-graph.

Utilizing the connection to the card via standard PCIe and up to 40G Ethernet, customers within automotive and industrial data acquisition and processing, can easily integrate this card into existing PC based systems to speed up the application and/or lower overall costs and their power-footprint.

The PGC-1000 can be used as an accelerated node for data acquisition, as well as for replay functionalities within the testing of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit). It can be integrated with other parts of our portfolio such as the L5 (FPGA-based lossless video compression and decompression), and as standalone data-processing card to offload and unburden existing PC-based processing systems. The Grabber Card is a great extension for many existing and upcoming applications.


One solution for recording and replay
The PGC-1000 Grabber Card offers two functions in one card: data acquisition and replay. This unique combination offers the PLC2 customer the possibility to upgrade an existing system to the next level.

Retrofit solution
As a reuse solution, the PGC-1000 Grabber Card is the ideal product for everyone who wants to upgrade an existing system instead of replacing it. A customer-specific protocol can be integrated.

Low costs
The costs are reduced through the possibility of integrating the PGC-1000 in a midrange PC, instead of upgrading to a high-performance PC.

An FPGA-based architecture promises the highest flexibility for the customer. Different customer protocols can be integrated in the PGC-1000. Easy updates within the field are standard/possible. The reuse of the overall solution takes the sustainability of our products to the next level.

High reliability
The certification in terms of safety and EMC guarantees the uninterrupted usage in the fleet, and in this sense the highest reliability for the customer.

Massive bandwidth
A massive input bandwidth of up to 40 Gbit/s Ethernet enables data acquisition and replay for high-speed data, e. g. from multiple modern high-resolution cameras.





Form factor: PCIe card

Format:  Low profile, Half length, 8-lane PCIe card

Cooling method:  Air cooling / Fan-cooled heatsink

Mounting:  For insertion in a standard height 8-lane or higher PCIe card slot

Connectors:  1x QSFP+ Connector for 4 channels of 10 GbE optic

Dimensions:  H 185 mm / 7,28 in, W 123 mm / 4,84 in, D 24 mm / 0,94 in



Standard:  PCIe 3.0

Link width:  8 lanes

Link speed:  8.0 GT/s (PCIe 3.0) per lane

Memory:  Up to 24 GB DDR4



 PGC-1000 User Guide

  PGC-1000 Release Notes

  PGC-1000 Declaration of Conformity

  PGC-1000 Safety Advice

 PGC-1000 End User License Agreement (EULA)

 PGC-1000 Software User Guide

 PGC-1000 Datasheet